Strong Coupling Effects Between IR-Inactive Zone Folded LO Phonon and Localized Surface Phonon Polariton Modes in SiC Nanopillars

Dordrecht / Springer Netherlands (2018) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Quantum Nano-Photonics / edited by Baldassare Di Bartolo, Luciano Silvestri, Maura Cesaria, John Collins
Page(s): 417-418


Selected Authors

Meeker, Michael A.
Ellis, Chase T.
Tischler, Joseph G.
Giles, Alexander J.
Glemboki, Orest J.

Other Authors

Chigrin, Dmitry N.
Bezares, Francisco J.
Kasica, Richard
Shirey, Loretta
Caldwell, Joshua D.