The I. Institute of Physics (IA) at the RWTH Aachen University

In our institute several groups investigate the properties of novel materials. Professor Matthias Wuttig, head of the institute, is engaged in the understanding and design of materials that are suitable for non-volatile memory applications based on phase change technology. Moreover, he researches organic films that can be applied in the field of opto-electronics, e.g. organic LEDs. Finally, his third group looks into the physical processes involved in sputter deposition techniques.

Professor Gero von Plessen and his group are active in the field of Nano-optics, involving photonic crystals and excitations of metallic nano-particles.

The group lead by Professor Thomas Taubner, Professor of Metamaterials and Nanooptics, focuses on new materials and systems for imaging and sensing at infrared wavelengths.

The research activities of Professor Jörg Fitter are focused on fluorescence based single molecule studies exploring functional conformational dynamics of proteins and protein folding.

Professor Heidrun Heinke concentrates on the education of young scientists and didactics.

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I. Institute of Physics (IA)

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