Publication of interactive materials map


A new website has been launched, featuring an interactive version of the materials map developed by our team [1-3]. Showcasing the evolution of predictive power, it enables the user to seamlessly transition between the van Arkel-Ketelaar Triangle from 1958, the materials map of P.B. Littlewood from 1980 and back to the current version. While showing several properties like conductivity or dielectric constant to visualize trends, the map also separates materials by their bonding mechanism.

  materials map materials map

The website, created by Carl-Friedrich Schön, is constantly updated with additional materials as well as properties and can be accessed at:


[1] B.J. Kooi and M. Wuttig, Chalcogenides by Design: Functionality Through Metavalent Bonding and Confinement, Advanced Materials 32, 1908302 (2020)

[2] J.-Y. Raty, M. Schumacher, P. Golub, V.L. Deringer, C. Gatti, and M. Wuttig, A Quantum-Mechanical Map for Bonding and Properties in Solids, Advanced Materials 31, 1806280 (2019)

[3] M. Wuttig, V.L. Deringer, X. Gonze, C. Bichara, J.-Y. Raty, Incipient Metals: Functional Materials with a Unique Bonding Mechanism, Advanced Materials 30, 1803777 (2018)

Chalcogenides by Design: Functionality through Metavalent Bonding and Confinement