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The research activities of Professor Jörg Fitter with the AG Biophysik aim to establish a fundamental, physics-based understanding of the function of bio-macromolecular systems. In this respect proteins and (protein based) macromolecular complexes, also within in their cellular context, are of particular interest for our research topics. We apply mainly fluorescence based techniques which offer the possibility to measure protein properties and interactions with a high sensitivity and selectivity. The advent of bright and more photo-stable fluorescent dyes and an enormous methodical and technical improvement of high resolution fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy enabled studies on proteins down to single molecule level.

Publications of the research group Biophysics

Article RWTH THEMEN Science magazine (German)

  Conformational changes of protein Copyright: © Fitter Conformational changes monitored for a hinge-bending protein by single molecule FRET.