Job openings


We are always looking for excellent, highly motivated individuals who want to join our research team. So even if there is currently no job description posted matching your profile, feel free to apply unsolicitedly. The more in advance you indicate your interest by sending an application, the better are the chances to find a way to make it happen.

Our research transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Thus candidates holding a degree in physics, materials science, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, or even neuroscience could complement our team with valuable competences.

The spectrum of our core activities starts with the fabrication of nanostructured materials employing clean room facilities. We perform a variety of experimental methods to determine the physical properties of the produced materials over wide temperature ranges. We characterize especially the non-linear electrical behaviour of amorphous semiconductors with nanosecond time resolution. An extension of our facilities with a femto-second-laser enlarges our experimental abilities further. We aquire and analyze large amounts of data employing tailor-made software we create in numerical computing environments like Matlab. We analyze what kind of circuit elements are needed for the design of efficient neuromorphic hardware.

This combination of methods, the challenging topics of our projects and the versatile competences of our team members provide a stimulating environment regardless of the level of maturity you have as a scientist: From Master students looking for a part-time job or a project for their thesis to PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers looking for positions where they can apply their skills and further develop their profile.

Due to the international composition of our team proficiency in both written and spoken English is required of each member ensuring effective communication and productive work as a team.