Here is a list of publications of our organic thin film group:

  • P. Schulz, T. Schäfer, C. D. Zangmeister, C. Effertz, D. Meyer, et al.
    A New Route to Low Resistance Contacts for Performance-Enhanced Organic Electronic Devices
    Advanced materials interfaces (2014)
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  • L. Ding, P. Schulz, A. Farahzadi, K. V. Shportko, M. Wuttig
    Investigation of intermolecular interactions in perylene films on Au(111) by infrared spectroscopy
    The journal of chemical physics (2012)
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  • C. Effertz, S. Lahme, P. Schulz, I. Segger, M. Wuttig, et al.
    Design of Novel Dielectric Surface Modifications for Perylene Thin-Film Transistors
    Advanced functional materials (2012)
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  • A. Farahzadi, M. Beigmohamadi, P. Niyamakom, S. Kremers, N. Meyer, et al.
    Characterization of amorphous organic thin films, determination of precise model for spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements
    Applied surface science (2010)
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  • A. Farahzadi, P. Niyamakom, M. Beigmohamadi, N. Meyer, D. Keiper, et al.
    Stochastic analysis on temperature-dependent roughening of amorphous organic films
    epl : a letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics (2010)
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  • M. Beigmohamadi, P. Niyamakom, A. Farahzadi, C. Effertz, S. Kremers, D. Brüggemann, M. Wuttig:
    Structure and morphology of perylene films grown on different substrates

    J. of Applied Physics 104, 013505 (2008)
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  • C. Effertz, M. Beigmohamadi, P. Niyamakom, P. Schulz, M. Wuttig:
    Influence of dielectric surface modification on growth, structure and transport properties of perylene films

    Physica Status Solidi B 245, 782 (2008)
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  • M. Beigmohamadi, P. Niyamakom, A. Farahzadi, S. Kremers, T. Michely, M. Wuttig:
    Evolution of dislocations in peryline thin films with thickness and deposition rate
    Physica Status Solidi Rapid Research Letters 2, 1 (2008)
  • X. Liu, M. Wuttig:
    "New features in the growth of perylene on oil substrate"
    Physical Review B, Vol. 73 , p. 033405 (2006)
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  • X. Liu, V. Kaiser, M. Wuttig und T. Michely:
    "Unidirectional anisotropies in perylene growth on a liquid surface"
    Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 269 , p. 542 (2004)
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  • X. Liu, S. H. Mohamed, J. M. Ngaruiya, M. Wuttig and T. Michely:
    "Modifying the growth of organic thin films by a self-assembled monolayer"
    Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 93 , p. 4852 (2003)
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